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Review; ordering Metamorphose through Mfashion (Netherlands)

I thought I want to write a review for the Mfashion store located in the Netherlands.
They are offering direct shopping at Metamorphose for the yen to euro price + 35 shipping cost including customs fee. This is actually a really good offer, since customs can go up to 70-80 euro's for 1 dress.
This is the website http://www.mfashion.eu/
So I've ordered this dress: (Thorny Rose Switched Pinafore JSK in Black)

The process:
I've emailed mfashion for ordering this dress. They first checked at Meta if the dress was in stock (it was). I've got this message in a couple of days. Then they asked if I wanted to confirm my order, what I did. It took aprox. 3-4 weeks before my dress was in the Netherlands. I decided to pick it up at the store, since I would be there anyway. The dress was, ofcourse because it is new, in perfect condition.

The dress in mfashion: i've been contacted that it arrived and two days later I picked it up.

a pleasant experience! I highly recommend the service of Mfashion if you want to order at Metamorphose!

Communication: 5/5
Price: 5/5 (a bargain comparing with buying it yourself at Meta in terms of custom fee + shipping costs)
Product: 5/5 (new ofcourse)


Tags: *metamorphose, garment: dresses, review product: dresses, store: mfashion

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