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Infanta & HMHM review ♥

I ordered HMHM's Century End blouse in black and Infanta's Classical Clock Embroidery skirt.

Taobao lolita stores are known for their super-long wait times, and sure enough I waited around 2 months before my order was ready.
It was okay though, since I kind of expected it and wasn't in much of a hurry. I wouldn't recommend ordering from them if you need the item for something urgent though!

HMHM Century End blouse


I've read a review on the blouse, saying the cotton was too thin or something, but the fabric is actually quite nice! You can sort of see through the fabric if you hold it up to the light, but you can't tell at all when it's being worn. The fabric has some faint stripes on it, which is a nice touch~ It's nicely cut too, and it looks great worn.


The quality of the lace on the ruffles in the front is quite nice~ it's actually pretty soft and better than I expected.


It came with a chain in the front that's attached to the collar by lobster claws. I love how you can detach it for a different look since it would be kind of annoying if you were wearing necklaces too.


There's still some visible white marks that you can see where they marked the placement of the button holes for sewing, but that's minor and can be easily washed. The buttons look amazing though!

Overall a 5/5! I'm a bit annoyed about the super long wait time for just one blouse from them, but the quality is great and worth the wait.

Infanta Classical Clock Embroidery skirt


Usually I don't like skirts, but this one really caught my eye.
First of all, I LOVE the fabric they used for this! The faint prints on the black and blue just adds a special something to the skirt. The waist part is also thinly boned with what feels like plastic. It's really nicely gathered! When worn, it looks like I have a really light petti underneath when I'm wearing none at all!


It came with these straps that you can button on to the skirt. It makes it super versatile, and allows you to wear the skirt like a salopette~ They used a nice cotton lace for the top collar part.


It came with this brooch too. It ties in with the watch design on the skirt (which is embroidered on by the way! I thought it was printed on) and is a nice added bonus.


The back is hot glued though.


There are buttons on the side of the skirt to help fix the strap part on to the skirt better, but one of the button holes on the strap wasn't cut. Not sure if you can see in the picture, but the part where the hole is supposed to be is sewn but not cut. Zipper is a bit stiff too, so it was kind of hard to put on.

Otherwise, it's a gorgeous skirt! The buttonhole I can fix myself, and I'm sure it was just an oversight.


Here's a picture of them worn together ♥

Thanks for reading!
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