opheliadevaux (opheliadevaux) wrote in egl,

Help identifying a Juliette et Justine print

I have recently (yesterday) bought this beautiful skirt at Closet Child, Harajuku. I know it's Juliette et Justine because of the tag, but I have failed to find the name of the print. It seems to be much less popular than the painting dresses, because the price tag on this one was 'only' about 10.000 yen. Can anybody point me in the right direction? :) The fabric is something like a light chiffon, this is the first Juliette et Justine piece I've ever owned, so I'm not sure if that's saying nothing, though. 
Juliette et Justine
I can't get a better picture right now since I am still in Tokyo and it's nighttime, but tomorrow I might be able to take a snap if this is not good enough :)

I also hope the tags are alright :s

Tags: *juliette et justine, request: information, request: photos
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