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Brand introduction; Kawaii Lime Designs


Hello everyone, I'm pleased to introduce to you my new clothing range, Kawaii Lime Designs. An Australian based brand producing unique lolita garments, including custom prints!

Recently I finished producing the first print in what will, hopefully, be a line of others in a collection. Due to the unstable nature of most beginning Lolita companies I'm only offering this print in a skirt variation, but if there is enough concrete interest I'd love to include a jsk or op in this collection.

I've decided to bring my brand to your attention today as currently the skirts should be between roughly $80-$130 once done however the price is a little shakey at the moment as my production team charge by the quantity; that is to say I WANT to give it to you cheaper but I need the numbers first.

I'm looking at using broadcloth (100% cotton) to print on with the current simple gathered skirt design, HOWEVER if there is a larger opinion I'm also considering printing on chiffon which would go over the top of a matching solid coloured silk/cotton blend. The chiffon version would be lighter and more geared towards a summer wardrobe than a solid cotton print however as it would need extra material underneath it and may work out to a more expensive price (most likely still under $130 though)

Print and skirt mockup
click for larger versions

I've titled the print 'Dream of the Starlight Rose Carnival' and I hope you all like it!

Production time
I'll keep it honest. This skirt has only been designed and mocked up, i do have a manufactuer willing to take on the project but I need to pin down some of the finer details before putting in an order for the fabric and such. As it is I may not be looking at getting a fully produced sample until eight weeks from now to take pictures of as stock. That's sort of a 'if everything runs smoothly' scenario. Once that's done it'll be a case of filling every order, getting it to me and shipping out. I'm looking at a 6month scheduale from now until the time you have it in your hands. I know it seems a lot but there's a lot of bumps and kicks along the way that have to be sorted out and in time I can only trust this process will speed up. I will always appreciate your patience and attend any questions you have during this time!

To get an idea of solid numbers I currently have a reserve page up here for each colourway. The reserve price is set to $50 payable now and then you pay the rest when I invoice you for shipping. That $50 is non refundable however as it will go towards initial making costs and if you pull out I'll be left paying for a skirt I don't want/need. If you do buy one and we decide to go with chiffon and you wanted a plain skirt or vice versa you will get your money back but please specify which you're after in paypal comments.

I'm also currently looking to collaborate with others creating matching jewellery and accessories so please also let me know if you would be interested in that kind of 'set' with an indie brand print like this.

To keep further updated with Kawaii Lime Designs follow the Kawaii lime tumblr and my blog, princess parody, for more detailed news.

Thank you VERY MUCH for reading through this sea of text, don't be afraid to ask questions

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