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Fan Expo Lolita Fashion Show 2012

*Free day passes available to models*


Fan Expo August 23-26
Full Weekend Pass 95$
Day Passes Thrus: 25$ Fri: 30$ Sat: 45$ Sun: 35$

Activities (Tentative schedule)
- Fashion Show
- Lolita 101: a basic panel for new lolita
- Ask a Lolita: a panel featuring a bunch of lolita from various backgrounds will be answering question from the audience or from our bowl of questions)
- TBA Panel: either a beginner’s guide or a budget on lolita
- PhotoShoot
- Unofficial Swap Meet (will be done online and people can swap their clothing at the con)
- Photo Challenge (going out throughout the con)
- Photoshoot
- Monthly Meetup (TBA)

Who helping organize this event?
Uttate -Organizer
Swtgreentea –Second in command/ Artwork
Karen_dp –Second in command
Élisabeth Mailhot –representing the Quebec community and in charge of advertising to the Quebec community. She will bringing a few other Quebec lolis with her.

Fashion Show

The fashion show will be similar to last year, if not identical. It is our most successful fashion show in Toronto and was a real crowd pleaser last year! We will only be accepting 40 outfits/entries for this show; as well we are looking for 3 people to show off classic, gothic and sweet at the beginning of the show during the introduction. This show will also include girls from Quebec and other areas so I suggest you send your application ASAP. I am only allowing 2 outfits per person (but reserve the right to refuse outfit changes if the 40 slots are filled).Outfit changes should be though of strategically. This means keeping certain items on such as sock for the same outfit might save you time while changing so please think about it. You must be aware that outfits changes are done in a back area but are done in a semi-private area.

When? TBA around August 23-26  but most likely Sunday

Number of slots: 40 +3

Styles we are looking for: gothic, classic, sweet, ott, pirate, punk, aristocrat, country, hime, casual, kuro, shiro, twinning/tripleting, sailor, wa, ouji or kadona ect

Styles WE ARE NOT looking for: guro, cosplay & ero

Who can participate?
-Active members of this community in Toronto or other communities in Quebec, Ontario, Canada or USA
-Members who are here to have a good time and share a common interest and spread lolita fashion to others

Who cannot participate?
-Members who do not own or have a complete lolita outfit
-Members who are newer to the style and are not familiar with lolita and its basic guideline
-Members who are not able to arrive or be in Toronto on Sunday August 26st

Criteria of the outfit?
-Offbrand, brand & handmade are all acceptable
-Should follow the basic guideline of lolita (shoulders and chest covered, legs should be covered with tights or socks, bell shaped skirt, skirt should be knee length ect)
-We are looking for unique outfits that pop and showcase your personality while standing out in a crowd.
-Please don’t force yourself to ‘fill in’ styles or substyles.
-Please don’t force yourself to be ‘out there’ sometimes simplicity looks better 
-Props such as flowers, parasols, books, cardboard cutout, balloons and so forth are all acceptable as long as they don’t inhibit your ability to walk or another member.
- Outfits that have been showcased at Anime North 2011, 2012 and Fan Expo 2012 fashion shows cannot be submitted we are looking for new outfits. Items from previous outfit however are permitted.

Free Day Passes

Free Day passes are available to those who will be helping us during panels, fashion show and photo shoots. You must be available to do the fashion show and photoshoot and if needed panels. These passes are for the member of the lolita community ONLY. Once again if I notice you are sharing these passes with other friends not affiliated with these events there will be serious consequences. If you already have a weekend pass for FE and want to participate in some of the event you do not have to get a free pass from me! I also strongly urge those of you who like some of the attractions to try to come on another day as well, and if possible help us advertise by dressing lolita and handing out flyers (it’s not mandatory but we would like to see more lolis there!).

Who can get a free day pass?
-Active members of this community within Toronto or other communities in Quebec, Ontario or USA
-Members who are going to participate in fashion show & photoshoot (and panels if needed)

Who cannot get a day pass?
-Members who already have a weekend pass for Fan Expo 2012
-Members who have made little to no effort to participate in other activities organized by this community (if you are from another community (outside of Toronto) this would mean you must be active in your local community). These include; online forums coming to meets, coming to cons organize by this community & organizing events.
-Members who have caused or have afflicted negative energy to the group (example: by creating drama, complaining about the organizers who work hard to create these events or being spiteful or vengeful). In other word are a buzz kill and are simply out to complain.
-Members who RSVP’ed to events at Anime North 2011, Anime North 2012 or Fan Expo 2011 and failed to be present OR Members who got a free day pass and have not completed their requirements such as being present for an event or not giving out flyers to advertise the events.

What do I have to do to earn a free day pass?
The free day pass is in equivalent of 35$. I have secured a number of these passes to give out for free to you. To get a day pass you MUST participate in the fashion show & photo shoot. This will take around 2 hours of your time. Before, in between and after this is your free time to enjoy the con to your desire! There are two other requirements to get this pass. You MUST be wearing lolita for the whole day and as well we would like you to have this small flyers (we ask that members have between 10-30 depending on how many they would like) and hand them out to anyone who ask for your picture, talks to you about your clothes, or seem interested in attending). I ask that member who get the free day pass to arrive as early as possible to get as much use out of the pass as possible as well as your present helps promote the events in the lolita section (the con opens at 10am).

Why do I have to advertise?
The convention had over 80,000 in attendance last year with numerous celebrities all competing for attention. Not everyone knows what this style is called or when events are. This helps attract more people to the event. The success of the event helps us get more and more credibility at FE which will allow us more activities. As well for a 35$ pass I feel everyone should do a little bit to earn those passes.
ALSO this year we would love for people to using social networking whether it is forums, lj, tumblr, facebook, myspace, twitter or instagram to their advantage as well.

Who will be selecting the participants?
Karen, Linda and I will be making the final decision.

*Please PM this form on LJ.
*Because of high demand, everything must be filled out before sending it to me.
*Please make sure your photo is clear and the outfit is visible. Please take a photo of your outfit worn.
*Your priority outfit should be outfit #1

First & Last Name:
Phone Number:

Free Day Pass?

If the answer is yes please fill the rest of this
Do you agree to advertise these events online and offline?
Do you understand you must be present at the fashion show, photoshoot and panels at Fan Expo to get this pass?
Will you still come if you do not get a free day pass?

*if your answer is no and you are not selected to get a pass I will not add you to the list

Outfit #1
Photo of the outfit worn:

*Only fill this area if you plan on changing into another outfit for the show
Outfit #2
Is this outfit to showcase during the introduction of the fashion show?
Is this a backup outfit because not all of your item have arrived?
Photo of the outfit worn:

Deadline Tuesday August 14th at 11:59pm OR until all the slots are filled. Tardiness might result in not getting a pass.
Because of the limited number of passes I ask that you only submit your form if you are sure you can be present. If you fail to be present to the con for whatever reason I will take it into consideration for the next time I organize an event.

Please feel free to post your question, comment or concerns in the thread below. I'd rather answer questions in public to not flood my inbox and to answer questions only once if possible. Thank you
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