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Surface Spell Gothic sizing

I used the search and couldn't find anything on this.

So, on Surface Spell Gothic's Taobao shop they give options for standard S, M, L sizes.


However...there's no size chart on almost all of their items. I found 1 size chart and it was completely in Chinese and in a jpeg format, so I couldn't copy paste it to translate, and I couldn't figure it out by putting possible terms into a translator and matching them.
I know that you can order custom sizing, but I really don't want to do that, I'd much rather order a standard size.

Does anyone have any personal experience with their sizing?
I'm particularly looking at their highwaisted skirts,which all have corset lacing in the back.

If it helps I have a 25"-26" waist, and I'm around 5'3"

Thank you so much for any help!
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