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Review: Japonica & Maiden Clothing

Hi! I just received an order from Maiden Clothing via Japonica, so I decided to do a review because I haven't really seen much about Maiden Clothing here, and also because I've ordered from Maiden Clothing with Japonica before but forgot to do a review. It's a secondhand store and there's not much out there about it.

This is my first post here, so I hope I'm doing this right~

Here's the timeline:

29 June: I send Japonica an order via email and pay the deposit; they tell me one of the items is out of stock so they'll deduct the cost from my shipping fee
10 July: Japonica receives items; items shipped to me
16 July: Package arrives at post office
19 July: I finally get my package

There was a problem with EMS and it said that my package had been returned to Japonica, which caused me to freak out. The next day I checked my mail, though, and found that the tracking had been incorrect and that it was still at the post office.

The total was 40,097 yen including shipping.

I took some pictures, but unfortunately I don't have any worn pics because all my petticoats are at home and I'm currently on vacation. Here they are:

This is the box I got it in. You'll have to excuse my bed.

Here's the packaging. There was bubble wrap surrounding everything and though you can't see it, there was rolled up paper to keep everything from bouncing around on the trip over here.

Every item came individually packaged in a little plastic bag to make sure it was safe.

And now for the items themselves. .

I ordered an MmM bat bag. It came in amazing condition; completely clean.

A MILK bag. It's so soft. This is where my phone decided to change the lighting, though, so everything looks like I have flash turned on now. .

An MmM skirt. It's much darker irl.

A BPN skirt that came with the JSK. It's more sturdy than the JSK.

A black Meta skirt. It's pretty sturdy.

This is a horrid pic and I apologise. It's a halter JSK with frills on the front. Because of its shape I couldn't find anywhere to put it to make it look decent except for my bed. It's pretty flimsy and so I had to be careful with it.

Everything is clean and high quality. There aren't any signs of wear, which is impressive, considering it's a used clothing store.

For some reason they gave me a ton of J pop concert leaflets though. .

Anyway, here's the final score:
Communication: 5/5 I was a little frustrated with them for telling me to go and talk to the post office when I thought my package had been sent back to them, but I understand that I needed to do it and not them. I'm just kind of a hermit.
Price: 5/5 The prices were pretty cheap all things considering.
Shipping: 5/5 They gave me tracking and the shipping only took six days- Impressive.
Packaging: 5/5 Amazing packaging, even though it was a little weird that they gave me the leaflets at the bottom.
Overall: 5/5

And that's it.

Tags: *black peace now, *metamorphose, *milk, *moi meme moitie, review product: accessories, review product: dresses, review product: skirts, review service: shopping service
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