Rose-chan (nyami_rose1) wrote in egl,

I am in charge of the "M*lanoo's Many Shops List - Constantly Updated + Alphabetized!" page here on EGL that attempts to keep track of Milanoo umbrella/puppet/sock sites.

I recently have developed a problem. A user has asked me to remove the site, claiming it is hers and her friends. I immediately did, beacuse I usually just add sites on recommendation after checking them for fake/stolen images. She claimed all images were used with permission, and it's kinda true- most images have been not been Photoshopped or have new/fake logos on them, but some are from M*lanoo's site so... also this girl comes form China, which makes me suspicious, as M*ilanoo is also from China, but she has their kind of speech pattern and I'm starting to regret removing it.

I need someone to absolutely without a doubt PROVE/CONFIRM that IS OR IS NOT a Milanoo site! PLEASE no "Well it LOOKS like M*lanoo". I know it does. Doesn't mean it is.
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