irohamomiji (irohamomiji) wrote in egl,

Share your reserve ninja skillz

Usually, I buy all of my lolita second hand as I tend to mull over if I like something for a while before I jump ship and get it. That and I never seem to have the right amount saved up when something I really want comes out. However, the stars have finally aligned, well almost. I have enough money saved up, but not really sure how to go about getting the dress since the rules of reservations have changed [i.e. a SS can only get one main piece in each color? or something like that] and I'm fairly certain Chocolate Rosette will be a very popular print that will sell out well before i can get it online or something like that.

I'm also deathly afraid of trying multiple sources at once and ending up with 5 dresses or something crazy like that. So please share how you get your awesome dresses on reserve :)

p.s. does this need a cut?
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