ongaku_chan (ongaku_chan) wrote in egl,

Otakon 2012 Lolita Swap Meet - Final Updates!

New Info on Swap Meet Below!

Final Details for the Swap Meet are set!

Official Date and Time: Saturday July 28th @ 11:30AM - 1PM
Location: Top Floor of BCC next to HD Theater/Elevator and Stairs.
(Same location as last year) 
*Note about time: As mentioned, I have written that this meet is ending at 1PM BUT if it doesn't have to officially end at this time, but I will be departing and going my own way at 1PM to enjoy the rest of the convention. You are free to do your own thing and end it whenever the group feels as such. 

If you plan to participate
If possible, please make either a flickr photo set/photobucket album or some way of showing off your items that you plan to bring! This will create more interest in advance! Once you have posted a link to your items you plan to bring, I will catalog a list by username here and wishlists are also welcome to be added!

ongaku_chan (Swap Folder) (Wishlist Folder)
st_arcana (Swap Folder)
sorori (Swap Folder)
mandaplz (One Item)
pettyinpink (Swap Folder)
orangefoxfetish (Swap Folder)
nerorizim (Swap Folder)
captainmeow (Swap Folder)
sakura_oki (Swap Folder) (Wishlist Folder)
sweet_amy_kins (Swap Folder)
irohamomiji (Swap Folder 1 and 2)

- Please only bring Lolita related/friendly items. Off-Brand, Replicas, Handmade, and Accessories/Make Up are allowed. Other styles such as Fairy Kei and Dolly Kei, etc. are also allowed.
- Please do not bring any non-lolita related items. Ex: Anime collectibles, Doll items, Etc. 
*I'm sure there are tons of other swap meets going on throughout the convention for a number of other hobbies. Please keep this a Lolita only related swap.

- If you are planning to do a transaction involving actual physical money, There is no money transactions allowed in the convention center. I suggest to either sell items ahead of time if anyone is interested online and pick up the item in person.
*Tip: If you have a smart phone, making Paypal transactions is easy to do in replacement of cash transactions!

- Make sure to have some sort of blanket or cloth to place your items onto.


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