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What style of Lolita is this dress?

In about a bit over a weeks time, my local anime and video game convention will be on for the weekend and they are holding a Lolita parade with a catwalk (and I think there are judges for the Lolita too.). I would LOVE to enter it but but i'm just a bit worried about whether my Lolita looks good enough for it. I might take the risk anyway. The main reason for this post is that for the registration form you need to put down the style of the dress and I don't really have too much of a clue what style dress this would be classified as:

Please help me out guys! And for those who would like to know what anime convention it is, it's AVcon c: Thanks!

EDIT: I don't actually own the dress yet. I bought it on Friday and just today it's arrived in Tokyo (they take all AIR things over every Tuesday I think). I bought the dress in sax blue. As for what I'm wearing with it, pictures speak louder than words:

Shoes: (Sax blue)
Wig: (Tay)

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