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Review: BTSSB Paris shop mail ordering

Hello all!

I've recently ordered from the BTSSB Paris shop through mail order. I thought to make a review about the ordering process as there are barely reviews of mail ordering from the BTSSB Paris shop.

Because this year's summer in the Netherlands is full of rain unfortunately and because Baby recently had rain coats, I thought it was a smart idea to buy one.

On the Baby website the Baby Ribbon Rain Coat was sold out in black, so I turned to the sales comm for a rain coat. Fortunately, someone told me on the Paris Shop blog ( ) the black rain coat was still in stock (a big thanks to you!).

So I ordered the coat through mailing my order, you can just do this easily in English. On the blog on the left side there's a link saying "Pour commander par Mail". Luckily I had some French lessons at school, so I know it means "For ordering through Email". On the bottom of that page everything is explained in English.

You can only pay with banktransfer, so you have to be in Europe.

this is how my order went:

13 July 2012: Sent the mail with my order to the Paris Shop email
13 July 2012: Got a confirmation email with the total cost and bank infos
13 July 2012: I paid
13 July 2012: the coat was being packed
17 July 2012: got the confirmation email that they had received my payment with tracking info nad the package was sent out
19 July 2012: Got my coat!

the rain coat on the Baby site was about € 90 excl. shipping
the rain coat on the Paris Blog was € 117 excl. shipping
the shipping costs from France to the Netherlands was € 20 insured and with tracking
so I had to pay € 137, which I think is still reasonable when you consider the shipping from Japan to Europe and the taxes on top of it.  

so, here's my conclusion:

Communication: 5/5 it's fast, clear and nice ^.^ It was easy to communicate in English
Price: 5/5 I think it's a reasonable price if you consider the shipping from Japan to France and the taxes
Shipping: 5/5 I got tracking, insurance and it was fast
Packaging: 5/5 standard pink Baby bag with cute sealing stickers
Overall: 5/5

I would consider buying from BTSSB Paris again ^.^

and this is the coat I got:

Thank you for reading!


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