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Lucky Pack Opening

I was able to pick up my Innocent World Lucky Pack from the post office today. After a long walk back, I made the significant other open it for me because he's the luckier one. It wasn't a bad haul, truth be told, and I'm glad to have purchased it (although my bank account might disagree). It's nice as an occasional treat. ^^

Without further ado, here are pictures!

This black Elise OP was the last to come out of the box, and, to be honest, the nicest surprise there. <3 This is definitely a keeper. ^^

This lovely pink Emmelina JSK didn't appeal to me at first. It looks a lot better worn, though I'm still unsure about keeping it.

I imagine that this pair of knee-high socks are supposed to be coordinated with the Emmelina JSK, given that they belong to the same set... I guess I just got unlucky when it comes to colours, as this is the blue pair. @_@; Oh well. They'll go well with other things, if I can work up the courage to wear knee-highs.

I was surprised to see a sax/blue OP at first, and then a little dismayed. I have no qualms with the cut or the colour, but this Clanbert OP doesn't suit me at all. I think it might be the long version, but I don't have a measuring tape to find out... I suppose I ought to get the string and the ruler... xD
This one will end up on the sales comm at some point in time. It can accommodate a range of sizes, and the material is lovely and warm (and somewhat heavy). As a side-note, it's ever so slightly sheer in the bust area (as I discovered when I tried it on).

I haven't been able to find the name of this lovely, simple blouse. I think I would have preferred something a little more decorated or fancy, but it will certainly serve its purpose well. <3 It's my first off-white/cream blouse, and it's simplicity lends itself well to its versatility.

I was very excited to see this Annette Pullover (cutsew), as its my very first cutsew and its utterly adorable! I'm so glad I got it in black, too, but I would have been happy with any colour. ^^ Now I just have to figure it into a cute yet casual coord...

I was surprised to see this at first, because it was sitting in the bag with the cutsew and socks, and I wasn't sure if it had fallen off the cutsew or something. It's very small, and I didn't take a better look until a little later... and my goodness, is it cute! There's a very tiny rocking horse attached to the barrette. Now I just have to figure out how it's going to stay in my mane-like hair... @_@;
Edit: Here is a link to its lolibrary stats. ^^ Thanks rainedragon!

That's all for now folks! If you have any idea what collection the barrette is from, please don't hesitate to tell me! Thank you for your patience. ^^

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