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Innocent World Response Time During Sales?

I jumped at the chance to get some prints I thought long gone when IW posted their sale items last week. I submitted my order using the form on their English site on June 11th. I received the automated receipt right away, with a note saying they would be in touch for payment arrangements "You will get your confirmation and payment details later.
Please wait for our reply email." I saw the note about delayed response times on their homepage, and took into account the days they were closed. I was worried after reading another EGL user had been receiving email correspondence from them the Friday after I placed my order. I emailed them to check in on the 16th to check in. It's now been a week since I placed my order and I have yet to hear from them.

Has anyone else placed an order with IW during this sale? Is it normal for there to be such a long delay? Thanks in advance! This is my very first time ordering from them after lusting over their site for over a year.. I was so excited, and I know they have a good reputation, so I'm so worried something has gone wrong.
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