lolitasempai (lolitasempai) wrote in egl,

Advice on cleaning shoes, bags, basically anything synthetic leather.

So today I had a staring match with my teaparties, and during that match had to ask them "How the **** did you get so dirty?" In response to my explitives, my mother handed me something. "This is what grandma used to use to get the scuffs out of shoes." You see, my grandmother was a spanish grandmother, and spanish grandmothers have an answer for everything. If you do not have one, do not ask how. Just accept it. What was the mystical device I used? The Tide Magic eraser. It gets out even the most disgusting of dirt and scuffs if you scrub hard enough, with no damage to your shoes. I mean terrible, horrible scuffs, the worst you can imagine. The kind you get from having them for years. Unless paint has been scratched off, the  eraser will take off the scuff and reveal perfectly clean material underneath. I don't have pictures, but tonight I transformed what I thought were trashed shoes into brand new. Try it and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised:) I hope this can help someone.

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