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I have been thinking if I should post this or not..
But since I am sure I am not the only one, I want to write about this now.
Also I think you never should hide the fact that you are being bullied, please try to talk with someone about this.
I know it is hard to stand up to bullies, but if you do nothing it won't stop.

So I think all of us have been called names when walking down the street in full lolita,
but did it actually end up in violence?
Well for the first time in 8 years it did for me and I was not even wearing lolita but my friend did,
I was dressed in tattoo tights and a cute dress and wore a straw hat.

If you want to know the full story please click on read more..

So I was with my friend on the escalator and I was kind of annoyed because it was hot outside.
So when a girl behind us said "it is not Carnival" (something like Halloween), I responded maybe a bit too harsh,
by saying, and this is said by a girl with a FAKE Burberry bag.
I have no idea why I said that, but that really pissed her off.
But thinking back about it, I think responding to stupid comments in most times surprises the bully and a lot of times
they will stop their assault.

I really cannot keep my mouth closed every time someone wants to insult me and my friends :s
Soon she started cursing with "Cancer" (somehow this is a popular curse word in Holland),
I think she said the word about 20 times and soon she also added the word "whore",
but I really dislike the word cancer, so of course I had to say, do you wish to have it?!
I don't understand why people would curse with this horrible diseases!
Also I said about 10 times, to her "just walk away, this is useless".
But she decided to trow my hat from my head and the whole time she was with a friend who didn't say a word,
but soon she gave her drink and bag to that friend, I was relieved because I was afraid she would trow her drink at us :s
Coca cola over a AP dress.. no thnx!
But that gesture suggested she wanted to attack me? It felt threatening.
And still I kept saying "walk away".
And then she spit out her gum to me and that was for me the last drop and I was so angry you cannot imagine!
Somehow my old self appeared ( I used to fight in school because my best friend got bullied and I could not stand that,
also if I got bullied I would fight :s This of course is not the best solution,
but the school bullies soon picked someone else to bully because they did not want to get hurt  )
and I turned around and kicked her in her stomach, I guess she totally did not expect that, since I looked so "cute".
But really what did she expect? I think any other person would have responded in some way :s
When she was standing hunched over, me and my friend walked away fast, but she started to follow us again,
but some other people who were dressed "differently" came running towards us and blocked the girl from approaching us.
I guess that if they did not come between us she would try to attack me again.
I am still staggered that nobody else interfered who passed by earlier, it was in a busy shopping mall..
I really felt helpless and alone.. and then I didn't want to wait to get the first punch..

Please share me your stories, we should talk about these things.

*hugs* Leyla.

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