Rose-chan (nyami_rose1) wrote in egl,

Bittersweet / Early Halloween Co-ord Help

So I know it's an unusual "brand", but I just bought the Lollipop Parade JSK below in the black colorway from Elegy, because I saw it in person at Frill and fell in love (well, I liked it before, but I love it now), but it was in the wrong size at the Boutique, so I just ordered it with my birthday money.


I plan to wear a black blouse with this, and black tights, and black shoes.But if you think something else would look better...

The BIG problem is, I have no idea what wig to wear this, because I am SO not using my own drab hair and because I plan to wear this out casually, and also for Halloween, so I need a wig that can be casual enough for everyday use, but standout/unique enough for a Halloween costume. Quite a challenge.... Any suggestions?

I also need jewelry, but this is my first time dressing in anything remotely sweet, albeit black, so if you have an good links to shops, please send them my way! (I prefer to buy off Etsy and the like, to support independent artists/designers/crafters like Miss Chubi of Elegy, but I'll buy from a big store too.) I've found a few on Etsy myself, I just don't know who to trust, y'know?

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