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Warning to Members Considering Purchasing from Oo Jia

While the user Oo Jia is currently banned from our sister sales community due to a failure to follow our posting requirements, we are aware that many members of EGL still purchase from her via Facebook and other social media sites.

Although she is not a member of our community, in light of a couple of recent situations, we'd like to issue a formal warning to those contemplating purchasing from her. Recently, she sold a member of our community an "authentic" Angelic Pretty item. When the item arrived, it was revealed that she had sold the member a higher-quality "factory replica" that was not an authentic product. You can read more about factory replicas here, and more about this situation here. While the buyer was eventually refunded, we advise you to proceed with extreme caution when purchasing from this seller. You should not buy any item labelled as authentic from her unless you have clear, undeniable proof that the item is, in fact, authentic.

In general, we urge you to exercise caution when buying brand-name items from any source other than a brands' official site, an authorized retailer (e.g. Harajuku Hearts, Tokyo Rebel), or an established consignment store (e.g. Trample Clothing, Closet Child). Especially when it comes to printed items, brands typically use unique tags, custom lace, and difficult-to-replicate details like special beads and charms. Before making a purchase, we urge you to examine resources like HelloLace and Lolibrary, to familiarize yourself with the details of the original pieces, and request photos of these details from sellers. By doing this, you protect yourself against counterfeit products sold as the real deal. You should be wary of any seller who cannot or will not provide these details, or who claim their pieces are missing tags, unique charms, and so on. Sellers, before posting your brand-name items for sale, we advise you take photos of identifying details of your pieces- tags, logo-stamped charms, and custom lace are good places to start. Showing these details will reassure your buyers that they are buying genuine products.

If you are selling a replica product, as always, we require you correctly label it as such. You may not use brand-specific tags and you may not sell it as a brand-name good. These requirements are in place for the protection of buyers- it simply is not fair to mislead them into buying an item.

If you have erroneously bought an inauthentic product, we suggest you file a PayPal dispute immediately. PayPal's terms of service unambiguously restrict the sale of counterfeit goods (you can read more about the policy here), and if you have received a counterfeit item you may file a claim with PayPal to receive a full refund.

As always, we wish you the best of luck buying or selling lolita :) Please let us know if you have any issues or concerns relating to this announcement or any other purchase!
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