lolitasempai (lolitasempai) wrote in egl,

Lolitas, you're my only hope:)

 I don't know if this is appropriate to ask on the community, but I'm sure a ton of you have input and the comm was the first place I thought to go. I am taking a trip to San Francisco next month, and I'm going to visit Angelic Pretty and Baby. So, I came here to ask opinions on a couple of things. What hotels do you recommend? I am looking for one fairly close to Angelic Pretty that is a decent price per night. If any of you have ever stayed in a cute little hotel close to AP and you have transportation advice, my ears are open. :)  How far is Baby from AP and what in your opinion is the easiest way to get there? What were your experiences with the SF lolita shops? And last but not least, what are your other suggestions on what to do in the city? They don't have to be lolita related at all, but if you know of any cool shops/festivals/restaurants or places to go/things to do I would love to hear. :)  Thank you so much ladies! I'm looking forward to hear what you have to say.
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