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FAQ Update

As you may have noticed, our FAQ was last updated in 2005. As much as I love the "old days" of the fashion (raschel lace! maxipad headdresses! black x white everything! oh yeah!), it's undeniable that lolita fashion has changed and expanded in ways that no one could have imagined back then. As a result, while it's a good starting point for beginners, in many ways it doesn't accurately reflect the fashion as it is today.

With that in mind, I'm working on rewriting and expanding the FAQ. If you have a moment, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look at my list of possible topics and let me know if there's anything that needs to be added to them :) Sorry if they're a little out of order, I haven't quite gotten around to working out a final organizational system yet.

Also, if you're interested and have a LOT of time on your hands, I'd love it if some members of the community could pitch in and act as a "focus group" for the FAQ once I have it completed. I'd like to run it by people and ensure I've answered all the questions in a thorough and balanced way. Please PM me if you'd like to be a member of this group. I'm especially looking for new members- I'd love to know if the information is presented in a clear, easily accessible way that helps you learn about lolita :) But I'd love to have some older members' opinions as well, since you've been around for longer and know what questions are frequently asked.

Thanks in advance for your input!

FAQ Sections:
The Basics:
What is lolita?
Is lolita fashion related to the book?
When and how did lolita start?
Who is Mana?
What does EGL stand for?
What does "brand" mean?
What about JSK? OP? Kachyushya? Cutsew? Help!

What Makes a Lolita Outfit:
What items do I need to make a lolita outfit?
Wait, those sound like items I can buy from a normal store! What's the difference between these items and their lolita counterparts?
How do I tell the difference between high-quality items and low-quality ones?
What does "ita-loli" mean?
How can I avoid being an ita?
Okay, I understand the basics. What are the different kinds of lolita I can do?

Buying Lolita:
What are the "major" lolita brands and what styles do they make? How do I order from them?
Why are the "major" brands so expensive?
Do these brands have sales or special deals?
Are there cheaper ways to get clothes from these brands?
I really want [insert brand-name print name here], but I don't fit it, it's sold out, and I can't afford the secondhand markup. I saw a replica of it on eBay/Facebook. Should I get it?How can I spot stolen stock photos?
I'm not sure if [insert brand-name item here] is the real deal, or a replica. How can I tell?
How can I safely buy used items?
I don't want to buy used, but I still want to get cheaper lolita items! What can I do?
Tell me more about Taobao. What is it and how can I find the lolita shops?
I found a lolita shop on Taobao! How do I know if they're safe to buy from?
I found this company called Milanoo and their stuff looks just like the big brands'! Why haven't you mentioned them?
I saw an awesome lolita dress on eBay! Should I get it?
Can I buy lolita items in my city or country?
What about buying items from "normal" stores?
Can I make my own lolita items?
Can I pay someone to sew or make lolita items for me?
Can I ask someone to give me a lolita dress?

I only see one size of clothing on lolita sites! Is that a mistake?
Why are lolita clothes only made in one size?
What are the measurements of this one size?
I'm not a Japanese size 9! Can I get lolita items from the big brands?
Even after reading those tips, I'm still not the size for items from the major lolita brands. What are my options?
Okay, so what companies offer larger standard sizing?
What companies offer custom sizing?
How can I alter a brand dress to fit my body?

Lolita and Media:
What kinds of lolita magazines are out there?
Is there any magazine that's better than another? Is there a particularly good issue I should start with?
Do any magazines have patterns?
Are there any lolita movies or TV shows?
Are there any articles about lolita in the news?
Is there any lolita art around?
I want to make lolita art! Is that okay?

Making Lolita:
I see that some of the lolita magazines have patterns. What size are these?
The pattern sheets in Gosu Rori don't have all the pieces! What do I do?
Which magazine has the best patterns?
Which magazine should I buy?
Is there any place I can get free patterns or tutorials?
Can I find any patterns or instructions at "normal" stores?

Lolita Lifestyle:
What is proper lolita behavior?
Who can wear lolita?
When should you wear lolita?
How can I meet up with or hang out with other lolitas?
I love lolita, but I also love anime/ball-jointed dolls/J-rock. Can I still be a lolita?

Lolita and Other Japanese Fashions and Subcultures
What is gyaru?
What is fairy-kei?
What is decora?
What is dolly-kei?
What is mori-girl?
What is otome?
I also wear [insert Japanese fashion here]. Can I combine it with lolita?
I like to cosplay. Can I combine it with my love of lolita?

Lolita Online:
Are there any other lolita communities on LJ?
Are there any lolita websites or forums?
Are there any lolita groups on Facebook?
Someone online has started gossiping about me! What should I do?
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