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Innocent World Ordering Question

Hello egl! I have a quick question about ordering on the innocent world website.

I placed an order with them on friday for one of the sale items. Now that I'm thinking on it more I'd like to buy something else instead from another site with that money. Now that I've sent them the special order form am I bound to buying that item? I've never bought from them before so I'm not sure how their invoicing system or anything like that works. Is it possible to contact them now and cancel it or would I get blacklisted from their site? The cancellation policy on the site made it sound like trying to cancel it after the invoice has been sent will make them ban you, but I didn't really understand it.

TL;DR: Is it possible to cancel an innocent world order or will I get blacklisted? I've only sent the order form, but is it to late?

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