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Bodyline help please?

Hi! I'm a new-ish Lolita with a few questions

First of all, can I have some opinions on this OP:
Is it -for lack of a better word- good? Well, I suppose the sensible thing to do would be to ask if anyone owns/has a review of this dress (I think it's cute in all the colorways. Except maybe black & white. But that's my opinion)

Could I also have some opinions on this blouse:
again, does anyone own/have a review for it? And since I'm looking to buy it in the off-white colorway, is it see-through?

Second question; I noticed that when you pay on bodyline, there's a customs declaration or something. When it says a quarter or a half, what does it actually mean? Or is it something that's likely to get me arrested? xD
I'm so sorry if this has been asked before :)
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