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Curious about IW jsk sizing

Hey folks, several IW JSKs list a max bust of 98 and max waist of 81.5.

Do they really work for people with that bust size though? My typical size is like 95 cm (38-39 inch) bust, 79 cm (32 inch) waist.

I'd tried one of their jsk before, but it was a smaller measurement than this and it really didn't work well in the bust area. Has anyone about my size range tried IW jsks? like the Theresia Rose Jumperskirt or any strapped jumper skirt of that size range. Before, I've taken some AP JSKs and changed the straps a bit to lower it on my torso so it didn't look empire waisted on me, and that worked fine... but if the JSK bodice front just doesn't really cover enough area (horizontally) in the bust, it doesn't matter whether I was to modify the straps or not, it just wouldn't fit me well. I really like IW's longer skirt lengths, sooo....

Thanks in advance.

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