Euphy_Hime (euphy_hime) wrote in egl,

Petticoat advice!

Hello to everyone! ^^

I'm looking for recommendations on petticoats!

I've done my best to try and research this through the community, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

I want something that will provide a nice amount of poof. I don't want it to be extremely huge or anything, but I don't want a poof that's so small it makes people wonder if I'm wearing a petticoat. I hope that makes sense. orz

I know I have a JSK and a skirt that both have a length of 40 cm or close (in just the skirt area for the JSK), and I think the other dresses I have are similar skirt length.

I was looking at this particular petti from Bodyline:


I'm hesitant because I've never owned or used a Bodyline petti before, but I do really love the colors of this one.

If you have any recommendations or could at least tell me what I should be looking for to achieve a medium-large poof, it would be really helpful!


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