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Picture request!

So I am doing the lolita panel at AnimeIowa this year, Lovely Lolita: Accessory Assembly is the official title of it. As you can tell it's ALL about accessories, everything from wigs to shoes! The link to the forum with all the information about it is right here:

BUT I am not here just to advertise our panel, I need pictures! I need some from these two categories:

1. Before/After accessories, I want to be able to show how accessories really make the outfit.

2. Same dress different styles, I would love to show how the same dress can be worn in lots of different styles by simply changing the accessories

I ask for NO mirror shots and of a decent quality - you don't have to be a professional but in focus full body shots are good, I can even crop them a bit if you are a little out of place in the shot. I don't mind head shots or other close up shots if you are doing a really OTT with a lot of accessories so that we can see those details. I also ask that you actually own the rights to the pictures, I will post a link to the power point I will be making as well so you can make sure your photos are used in a way you are comfortable with.

Please also list everything you are wearing, if you don't know where it came from say so. I get a lot of questions after the power point and would like to be able to answer them to the best of my ability.

THANKS and if you have any questions let me know! I really appreciate the community's help with this!


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