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Lolita in Wonderland International Raffle

I hope this post isn't wrong here... If it's, I'm so sorry :(

Hello dears!
Lolita in Wonderland, one of the most important lolita community of Spain, would like to thanks that our blog has more than 500 followers!!!
We can’t express with words how happy we are, seen so many excited hearts, Lolita’s hearts or inspired by it, but dreamers at least so we must celebrate it! And what a better way to do it than a Raffle?

500 Blogger fans international Raffle

Indrolita, Angelic Pretty

Fidel David, Putumayo, Bodyline

BTSSB, Midnight Rose, Fidel David, Handmade, Vintage

Secret Shop, AaTP, Handmade

Chocomint, Hello Kitty, H&M, Sugar Addict, Kawaii Factory

As you can see we have lots of thing from different brands and for everybody! More than 30 articles! Sweets, casuals, classics or gothics. You will find beautiful things for you.
How to buy the ticket?
It’s so easy! You have to send an e-mail to LiW after doing the payment on our paypal account and we will send you your ticket after the payment confirmation.
Concept: International Ruffle and your nick/name
Price: 4€

- It’s an international raffle (shipping included)
- The deadline is next Saturday 4th of August at 00.00 hours (Spanish time).
- The winner will be announced on Wednesday 8th.
- The winner number is going to be taken using

You can also follow our blog or our Facebook Page :)

Thank you for reading this post and good luck!

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