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Baby's First Coord and a few questions.

Hi everyone!
So I'm pretty new to lolita though I've been a fan of it on other people for years, I recently worked up the courage to buy my first JSK and accessories. Now, unfortunately, I don't know too much about coords, but I need to coord one of my new JSKs to wear to a meetup in late July. 

So far I have this offbrand JSK in mind:

And this Meta one on a payment plan:

And some barely offwhite floral tights from Forever 21:

And a satin, cream-colored headbow similar to this, except the bow is on a headband and not a fascinator:

I'd love to know a few things about coords and have a few questions! I'd appreciate any help.

1. What color shoes can I wear with both dresses? I was considering buying white or ivory-colored mary janes, but since the July meetup is downtown I was thinking a more casual look. I have beige-tan canvas mary janes, and soft beige sandals with flower details. I could wear either to the outdoor meetup because it's going to be really hot, and I don't want anything hard to walk in.

2. Is wearing floral tights with sandals considered a faux pas?

3. Is forgoing bloomers considered acceptable in hot weather?

4. Can I skip a petticoat and blouse because of the weather as well? Or is it considered bad to go to a meetup with a more casual look?

5. What color accessories (i.e. necklaces, bracelets, etc) should I look at? Again I was thinking of a white or off-white theme, even beige.

Thanks so much for looking. Apologies about the picture size, they wouldn't resize properly for some reason.
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