Emily (sugaryalchemist) wrote in egl,

Washing Issues :D

Hullo, everyone. I have the Scent of Rapunzel JSK II in the black x pink colorway.

Scent of Rapunzel jsk

I checked the lovely EGL wash list, and AatP's Scent of Rapunzel is not listed. I googled "Washing Scent of Rapunzel" and only came up with the Hellolace washing forum, which is actually really helpful. But, this exact JSK was being listed as safe to wash on a cold, gentle cycle with vinegar. Here's the hang-up. What does that mean? Googleing "washing with vinegar" didn't give me anything simple enough to understand.

The inside tags of the JSK list "Do not wash, Dry Clean with PBE (or something lol), no bleach, med. iron." So if it's safe to wash on gently on cold, but says dry clean, what is my best option? I'm not sure which dry cleaner's are reliable around here...
Tags: *alice and the pirates, discussion: clothing care, garment: dresses, request: information

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