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Ordering from bodyline for the first time..

So I'm a beginner in Lolita and I'm WAY late with purchasing my Lolita for an anime convention coming up which I will be attending on the 28th and since I don't earn as much as a lot of people since I can't get a job yet, I decided to turn to Bodyline for Lolita. I have about 2 weeks for my Lolita to arrive in Australia. Because my measurements don't meet the ones found under the normal Lolita tab, I have to turn to the kids Lolita tab. I found these two dresses which I have my eye on:
Dress 1: (The black and white one)
Dress 2: (Again, the black and white one)
I'm just a bit curious though. My measurements meet the 140 sizes for both dresses but a lot of the dresses in the kids tab looks as if the would be smaller than the measurements say which has me a bit worried as to whether the dress will fit me or not. Would these two dresses fit an average-sized 13 year old or would they be set out or kids younger than I am? Also I hear about how shipping is quite fast with Bodyline and I'm also curious; what is the fastest best method for shipping to Australia and what would be the estimated time for it to get here? I only want to buy one of the dresses for the time being so give me your opinion on which one you like better too if you want c: Sorry for asking so many questions >.<!


Edit: Oh look at that, I learnt how to edit my post! Anyway if it helps my measurements are: Waist- 69cm, Bust- 80cm, Height 153cm.  Would the dress be too small on me? If so, could you possibly link me to a dress on bodyline which would be the right size? I'm only finding mediums throughout the normal lolita dress tab which seem a bit big for me..

Edit once again: Thanks for all the help everyone! I'm just wondering, where could I get a petticoat for the adult polka dot dress? Since I can't get it from bodyline coz theirs suck, I need a place with fast shipping before my convention. Once again, Thank you all!
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