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Sewing post, Altering a Baby OP

My friend asked me to change her bttsb Sugar rose Op so it would fit better. We decided together to turn it into a skirt and a bag.

So It was this Op:
Until it fell in my hands..

I shocked her with this photo XD

Then I started sewing. The dress came with a seperate waistband. So I used that as a waistband for the skirt. It was a simple job, I just had to regather the fabric and sew it to the waistband. There was a bow around the waistband, that I had to take off, and I turned that into a detachable bow with a pin in the back.

Here is the result. I like this alot better then the dress.  

And because the bodice was to cute to throw away. I made a bag out of it.

I used the cuffs of the sleeves to make the shoulderstrap. That way I only had a very few scraps of fabric left over from this project. 
Now I realy hope it will look good on her, well I am sure it will. 

Tags: *baby the stars shine bright, crafts: photos, discussion: altering brand
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