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Loli-Decor flea market find!

Good evening ladies and gents! I was at the flea market today with my dad, and I came across this beautiful little curio cabinet perched on one of the tables. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be this wonderful jewelry box!


It's in really great shape, only a few nicks or imperfections to the finish which cleaned off nicely with a little Pledge~

It has a full stand-up compartment for hanging necklaces on a little spinning chandelier, plus the compartments for earrings. The entire inside of the compartment and all the drawers are velveted, and there's a hidden music box behind the ring drawer. When you open the drawer, it starts to play due to the little trip-lever it has! It plays the them from "Love Story," and with the tinkling music box timbre it's really mournful and pretty. The movie came out in 1970, so the oldest this box could be is around 40 years old~

Necklaces and earrings
Music box
Inside drawer
Size comp.

I can't wait to fill it up with my jewelry and have a nice display :D Anyone else find anything really cool at flea-markets or antique stores? I would love to outfit my entire room in pieces like this.

EDIT: Woah, huge pics.
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