Ashton (parathenormal) wrote in egl,

RHS and shoe size question

I know the shoe size question gets asked a lot so I apologize for redundancy but I have some conflicting information that I need to be clarified.

I wear a US 11, my foot measures to be 9.5in from big toe to heel but I added half an inch as my second toe is the longest with makes my foot 10in, when converted this then becomes 25.4cm; however, most websites state that a 29cm shoes would fit a US 11. My biggest concern is the width fit as I have wide feet which measure 4.5in or 11.4cm at the widest point.
So, I was wondering if anyone here can give me some advice on the matter: do I size up and buy a 26cm shoe or do I hazard getting a shoe that is almost an inch and a half too big and get a 29cm?
And as for the RHS part of this post: I was wondering if any of you can recommend any good quality RHS and if you own a pair, and if it's not too much trouble, can you give me an idea of the width?

I've looked at Bodyline and I'm not particularly crazy about their styles but I do like a few An*tai*na shoes I saw on Qutieland. I absolutely abhor the 'golf' style RHS though and if I do need a size 29 then that would limit my options rather severely.

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