Miku Berry (mikuberries) wrote in egl,
Miku Berry

Measurement Help? ;3;

Hi there. This is my first post here, and I wouldn't post this silly question -- but I've been hunting down information with no such luck. I am trying to find the max bust and waist for a few dresses/skirts, since it seems that Bodyline's measurements vary. I would really love the max measurements for the following, if possible:

L251, Bodyline, Soft Cream, Blk, 2L (Says up to 110cm on their website, but can it go just a bit more?)
L290, Bodyline, Balloons JSK, Blk (Says 90cm max on BL)
L252, Bodyline, Soft Cream Skirt, Blk (84cm max, but I was told it may go up to 92cm? Can it go anymore?)

I'd really appreciate the help, as I'm considering purchasing these and I'd like to make sure they fit. I'm 114cm~ (45") in bust, waist is around 109cm~ (43") ish. ;3; Thank you in advanced...
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