annieduck (annieduck) wrote in egl,

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for models for a couple of shows! 

One of the two shows I'm doing is an indie designer show, so we need models to wear the clothes. I have one designer left looking for people, her requirements are: a standard size 6 (34" bust, 26" waist), and around 5'7" tall. Taller or a bit shorter than that is fine, so long as you're in that range.

When you email me, please provide a list of your measurements (height/waist/bust/hip/shoe) and 2 photos of yourself-- one full body, and one close up of your face (with light/no/minimal makeup).

Please use “Indie show” in subject line of your email.

The other show is your standard lolita fashion show, so just email me with info on what you'll be wearing and a picture of what you'll be wearing, with subject line “Lolita show”.

You can email me at



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