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A few questions about Tokyo again!

Hello everybody!

As a few of you may remember, I already asked a few questions about Lolita travels in Tokyo there: Happily, my trip to Tokyo was confirmed for three weeks (I will arrive the first of August)! <3
I have a few questions again!

1) I'd like to procure myself a few books like the one from Aoki Misako and the BTSSB brand mook (and eventually Midori's Doll Classica). I wonder in which libraries are these books carried? And also, is the Baby DVD still available anywhere? Thank you <3

2) I've read somewhere that you could find a few Lolita mooks second hand in a Closet Child, along with V-Kei CDs and posters! Do you know which one carry them? Are Kera and G&LBs available in most Tokyo libraries? I would be intererested in knowing around which prices you can find second hand G&LBs, since they are more expensive than Kera!

3) I often see Closet Child ads in the G&LBs with very low prices for brand. Are the In-stores prices lower than the website prices? Do they carry things like Brands Petticoats/Socks/Bloomers/Blouses in correct state? In which prices?

Thank you so much, any answer will be very useful <3


EDIT: I just remembered, I heard (from Aoki Misako blog and videos) about an otome shop called Baby Ribbon in Shibuya. Is it still open? I can't find any recent information about it....

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