cimone (wonderfinch) wrote in egl,

Angelic Pretty Exhibit

I was taking a look at Angelic Pretty's website this morning when I stumbled upon a new announcement. According to the info, there will be a joint exhibition featuring Maki and Imai Kira's work in Tokyo!

(click the image to see the news article!)

On top of that, they'll be doing a print collaboration and tea party to commemorate the event.

The print will be available first as a release at the tea party, and will be made available to the general public later (as far as I can gather, anyways, though they haven't worked out the time and place it'll be made available yet so I am not sure!).

What do you think? Imai Kira is one of my favorite artists, but as the exhibition is in Tokyo I won't be able to make it. I'm still very excited for the print, though, and I'm hoping it will be available to those of us overseas! I think it's a nice, sweeter alternative to JetJ's cat print (which frankly kind of creeped me out with the giant cat on the bodice!).
Tags: *angelic pretty, events: others

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