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Help: Wig Company Comparisons?

As some of you might know, we started a bulk order shopping service called Gabal Spice. Many of you participated in our survey and we started our service April of this year with 2 successful bulk order shipments from gabalnara.

Gabalnara has been great to deal with. The CEO answers our calls promptly and their staff is extremely nice and helpful. If there is a mistake, they are quick to fix it with little complaint.

Gabal Spice Shopping Service is currently seriously considering delving into more wig companies such as Pinkage and Gabalmania (as suggested by a very thoughtful lolita customer).

Below are the companies we have personally called that we feel carry wigs that could work for lolita, however we'd like your opinion on some things! :)

Gabalmania   -

  • Wigs come in one size fits all with adjustable straps. 
  • Their prices a very similar to Gabalnara prices and they offer a similar deal for bulk order.
  • More color options per wig style

  • We are not 100% sure of the wig quality and if it's worth the money. Gabalnara has South Koreas best wig quality, so there was no doubting the cost involved.
  • It's not worth customers paying as much as they do for a gabalnara wig if the wigs are not guaranteed top quality.
  • Less people know of gabalmania, so we may not get enough customers?

Does anyone have a review of gabalmania's wigs? It would help to have a little feedback to see if it's worth purchase.


Pinkage -

  • Larger Selection
  • More people know of pinkage
  • Carry natural gradation skin wigs (Wigs with natural roots and a skin colored top between netting and wig hair for a natural look)

  • Their deal for bulk order is not good at all. We'd have to buy $4000+ worth of wigs at a time to get a bulk order deal.
  • Their price for their high quality wigs run as high as $80 a pop without adding international charge or shipping.
  • NOTE: However, if we have a LARGE amount of people wanting this brand, it could go well...
  • There's already an ebay seller with rights to Pinkage rights, so we'd be competing with their pricing (which is quite high) :(
  • They don't really negotiate returns/exchanges even if it's an error :/

Does anyone have a review of pinkage wigs? It would help to have a little feedback to see if it's worth purchase.



Gabalmania  VS Gabalnara VS Pinkage - Similar Best Seller

Gabalnara Whole Wig Gradation Skin
With Gradation Skin | Longer Hair | Most Body
Price: $80 (Including International Charge)

Gabalmania BonnyDolly
With Gradation Skin | Not as long as gabalnara wig
Price: $73 (Including International Charge)

Pinkage Barbie Holic
With Gradation Skin (Barely Visible)
Price: $82.17 (Including International Charge)


Any thoughts? Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Your opinions definitely matter.

Please vote on our poll here:

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