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Banned Seller Info

Please be aware that the user faerydragonet is now banned from hosting group orders on egl_comm_sales</lj>. Additionally, she is temporarily banned from selling on the community.

This ban comes as a result of a group order that was begun back in November of 2011. According to faerydragonet, who organized the group order, the items were not delivered as a result of production delays. However, she has offered extremely poor communication and customer service to her order's participants. She has provided neither refunds nor items whose production had not been delayed, and furthermore has all but stopped responding to inquiries from participants and moderators. Furthermore, it was recently revealed that she told a participant of the GO that she could only offer a partial refund, when the participant's items had in fact been sold to another user. 

Due to the lack of contact and lack of items, we have no choice but to consider this a scam and have punished this seller accordingly. Production delays occur; however, it is GO organizers' responsibility to stay in contact with buyers, and offer avenues for buyers to get their items if the original order doesn't work out.

You can see additional information about the situation here, here, and here. We advise all participants of this GO (or any other one of her GOs) to contact us immediately and keep us updated on the status of their order. We also encourage participants to leave feedback for this seller here regarding their experiences, so other members are aware of her behavior.

Please be wary when buying and selling on other sites and communities (e.g. egl_group_order or the Facebook sales groups), and always request links to a seller's eglfeedback page to ensure they are not attempting to evade a ban.
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