equusferuslolita (equusferusloli) wrote in egl,

Differently Abled Lolitas

Hello all! This is my first post to EGL so yay! I am a Lolita with Cerebral Palsy (very mild but I still use a wheelchair), slight scoliosis, and ADHD. Yes, I have issues! Anyway, I was wondering if there are any more "disabled" (I hate that word) Lolitas out there! Does wearing Lolita have anything to do with your disability? It does for me. I hate getting stared at in "regular" clothes because I know people are staring at my wheelchair, but when I wear Lolita or when I cosplay (I keep the two VERY separate), I like it when people stare at me because I know they're looking at me and not my wheelchair. When I wear Lolita I feel pretty for once and not like a freak.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has any tips for me if I ever go to a meetup. Will people not be as welcoming to me because I am in a wheelchair and (for now) only wear offbrand and thrift store stuff? How do you recommend I start a conversation (I'm not good at going up to people as I'm self conscious because of my chair)?

Two more questions of mine. I consider myself a Classic Lolita, but I usually wear white and black. Is it still Classic Lolita? My outfits are more subdued than a lot of Gothic Lolita. My mother says I look like a Victorian schoolchild and friends have said Victorian doll. Last question, Is it okay for me to wear a not as poofy petti or even no petti at all? Poof monsters are very hard to manage in a wheelchair.

If you are a differently abled Lolita or have answers to my questions, please reply to this thread!
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