✧・゚:*~TwinkleBatLady~*:・゚✧ (noxiousgem) wrote in egl,

Lolifying my life


Lately I've been a little down about my Lolita aspect in life. When I read Lolita blogs about other Lolita's lives or pictures of a Lolita's life it make me feel very empty.
I consider myself and think about what cute aspects I've put into my life. And come to think of it there are little to none.
I just don't seem to find the time, and effort to Lolify my life at all. I really miss wearing my dresses. I've got a whole wardrobe full but never wear any of it.
Each time I do I consider what I'll be doing that day. And decide to wear more practical clothes instead as I get everything dirty or sweaty.
Also my room lacks girlishness. As I keep everything practical and neat but it has no personal touch whatsoever. It feels so empty being in my room and feels more like a hotel room where I only sleep.

Any tips to lolify my life/room/etc a bit more?
I need a bit more pink and glitter filled with cupcakes and macarons at the moment!
Tags: discussion: lifestyle, lifestyle: home/auto
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