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juliette et justine tea party london september 2012

Hello everyone! Just to let you know that tickets for the head table to sit with head designer Nakamura and GLB editor Mariko Suzuki and have traditional British afternoon tea at the sold out Juliette et Justine additional tea party on Sunday 9th September are now up on Ebay. Original tickets sold out in around 8 minutes, so if you missed it first time, now is your chance!

There is only 5 tickets available and they're staggered over 12 hours to give equal chance to bidders worldwide.

1st ticket:
Ends around 11.30pm this Saturday UK time (10.30pm UTC)

Ends around 2.30am THIS SUNDAY UK time (1.30am UTC)

Ends around 5.30am THIS SUNDAY UK time (4.30am UTC)

4th appearing around 8.30am. Ends around 8.30am THIS SUNDAY UK time (7.30am UTC)

5th (and final!) appearing around 11.30am. Ends around 11.30am THIS SUNDAY UK time. (10.30am UTC)

We're also auditioning for models for the main event on Saturday 7th September. Nakamura will be choosing 10-12 girls from your photos (submit to and you will be lent two outfits by JetJ to wear on the day, with the possibility of being featured in the Gothic and Lolita Bible!

Only around 50 tickets or so are left for the main event! This is on Saturday 8th September at the Charing Cross Hotel, Charing Cross (right next to the station!), London, England.

Hope to see you there!!!
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