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Reconstructing a old lady dress (beginning)

I recently bought a maroon colored dress that was way to long and really silly looking just as a experiment. (Pardon the crappy cellphone photos..)

The silly dress, It has a bunch of mini pleating on the waist and a lot of fabric that I'm planning on cutting off to suit the lolita silhouette.
This is my drafted idea
I want to make a ruffle on the bottom with the fabric I remove, Due to me being 5'2" the dress goes to my ankles so I feel I will have enough fabric to create this ruffle. I'm going to make a simple 'bib' in white that would have some ruffles and decoration. Change the peter pan collar into white and put a black bow around the neck area. Shorten the sleeves, and re-panel the skirt. The fabric is a 100% cotton and is all warm and perfect for cold Seattle weather. Because it is corduroy I would love to be able to wear this when it's cold out (or raining). My issue is that the ruffle that I want to do goes over the buttons, so should I create a ruffle to cover the flap where it opens up or should i just sew the ruffle as one piece and have it together on the bottom?

I would love your advice <3 please note that this is a experiment so I'll try to record my process and show it when it is finished :)

I do know how to sew~! If anyone wants a photo of me wearing the dress I'll try getting one!
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