Euphy_Hime (euphy_hime) wrote in egl,

In need of input!

I've recently decided that I'd like to buy a wig to wear with my tiny selection of Lolita ensembles, but I'm having a really hard time deciding on the color. I should add that I'm not exactly "new" to Lolita, I'm just new to being able to afford it and owning it. orz

I've been really lusting after a long-ish curly wig with twin tails, either split purple and pink or all light blue

As far as brand goes, it's a toss up between GLW (although the purple/pink is sold out), Minty Mix (they have a purple/pink that is super curly), and L-email (I'm the least familiar with them).

The real problem I'm facing is that I'm worried the wigs I want won't match my outfits. T.T One outfit is a skirt and blouse that are black with white accents plus black stockings and black and white shoes, so I don't think a colorful wig would clash too much with that. However, my other dress I wear is equally black and red.

So my problem is: If I got a split black and red wig to match a black a red dress, is that too much black and red? o.O Would purple and pink clash horribly? What about light blue? I don't know what to dooooooo! ;^;

Thanks for any input!

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