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The Metamorphose 2012 lucky pack - skirt version

I don't usually post my LP contents, but I actually really liked mine and don't think I saw the same contents posted here yet... ♥ Enjoy! :)

You can take a sneak peek through the plastic haha..

I haven't ordered from Meta in years, but I do love their pink packages, and the staff's neat writing on the EMS package. The luckiest part of course is not getting slapped with customs. :D

Here's everything! I was very happy when I saw the colours of the package as I was hoping for something more classic/subdued sweet or black. x_x There is a skirt, blouse, accessory (necklace), socks, bloomers and postcard.

Close-up of the skirt. The fabric is a creamy colour (but looks more white in this picture x.x) and the fabric has a nice texture to it. There are a few purple butterflies on it. :D I haven't had purple in my wardrobe in agessss.

The random accessory which actually matches! :O

Standard Issue Meta Bloomers. (Like the bloomers in other people's LP, mine seemed to have some "dirt" woven into the fabric. But wow, these bloomers are light and airy and way better than the other plain ones I've gotten from Meta before. ^^ I want to keep these, even though I already have bloomers. -_-)

The other postcard.

And finally, putting it all together! No one's around and I don't have my camera, so don't mind the iPhone photo. Those sleeves! (You can see their massiveness again in this picture.) :0 I'm actually surprised the blouse fits though as I was worried it'd be too big.

All in all, I'm very happy with my LP. :D Thanks for looking!
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