Black. (perfect_black) wrote in egl,

Lolita comeback

I once followed and loved the lolita style, then i abandoned it out of some personal problems and decided to sell off almost ALL my loli closet! I so regret this now =(

So well as a "second time newbye" i'm asking you some suggestions to start again!
I'd ideally want to have a comeback in autumn and i'd really like to purchase a new full outfit.. anyone has nice suggestions on where to buy it?
I'm looking sor something along the lines of bitter-sweet lolita [it was called like this for a short period.. black dresses with cute colored prints] and i'm also looking for a cheap price.
And by "cheap" i'm not meaning 20$ but something more along the lines of 150€ for a simple dress, socks and headpiece. Thankfully i have a petti and i refused to sell my shoes! =D

Thanks in advance for the suggestions, i really hope i'll be able to dress beautifully once again and have a glorious comeback!

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