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Master List : Lolita Communities

Master List : Lolita Communities
This is a listing of lolita themed communities hosted on LiveJournal. If you have a community you'd like to have added to the list, please check the bottom of this post!
Please note: We do not check communities for activity. Some of the communities on this list may be inactive or slow!

Must Reads
Important and popular communities that you should definitely take a look at and join!
lolita_handbook- Not really a community, a useful and informative 'handbook' for newbies and veterans alike! - easy to navigate website with basic information about lolita fashion.
eglfeedback- Feedback website
egl_comm_sales- Our sister sales community!
General Communities
Here's a listing of other lolita communities you could try on for size.
angry_lace- Where Lolita can share stories off negative reactions to their fashion choices and how they deal.
ask_a_lolita- Geared towards those new to the fashion- ask your questions and receive help!
collegelolita- This is a place for people interested in the Japanese lolita fashion to find, meet, and make friends with lolitas who are attending their college or university.
daily_ala_mode- This is the place to showcase your daily coordinates with lolita elements/inspiration- even if they're not 100% lolita.
daily_lolita- Post photos of your lolita and casual lolita outfits of the day.
eatfuckingcake- For those lolitas who choose to celebrate who they are, not what a 18th century etiquette books says they should be
ega_egl- A place for all Lolitas and Aristocrats to share in knowledge, fashion, music, etc.
egl_plus- The place for size 14+ ladies to show off their latest outfits and discuss the most flattering loli styles for certain shapes, etc.
egl_plus_size  - For Lolitas size 20 US and up.
got_lolita- A community for lolitas to show off the items they own & purchase.
loli_able- Home of lolitas with disabilities.
lolita_ed- A community for those recovering or looking to recover from an eating disorder. This community is not "pro-ana" or "pro-mia."
lolitatutorials- A community for sharing lolita tutorials
lalolitas- G&L community for African-American lolitas and aristocrats.
loli_coord- for posting photos of unworn outfits for tips and criticism.
loli_mentors- This community was founded on the idea of providing those that are interested with proper information about Lolita Fashion though the guidance and observation of a mentor.
lolitaoutfits- For posting images of outfits you've put together!
new_to_lolita- A community for those who are very new to lolita fashion and need a place to get help and style tips!
taobaololita- All about Taobao
luckypacks- A database for everything having to do with Lucky Packs
lolita_beauty- This is a community to post pictures of your make up, nails, and hair while in lolita. We encourage you to post at home beauty recipes, tips, tricks, and advice
Style and Brand Specific
These are communities that focus on specific sub-styles or brands of lolita.
angelicpoodle- A community dedicated to the Japanese sweet lolita brand, Angelic Pretty.
btssb- Community for those who love Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.
bodyline_love- If it's BodyLine, it belongs here!
emikyu- For lovers of Emily Temple Cute and Shirley Temple!
innocent_w- A club devoted to Japanese Lolita brand Innocent World!
danslesalon- Dedicated to the brand Jane Marple
lavieclassique- Classical Lolita
le_grotesque- GuroLoli: The Darker Side of Lolita.
lolita_indies- Dedicated to smaller, less-known lolita/aristocrat brands
hnaoto- For those who love the brand h.NAOTO
mmagdalene- For Mary Magdalene fans.
metamor_way- For fans of the best lolita brand, Manifestange Metamorphose Temps de Fille!
moimememoitie- For fans of Mana's brand, Moi-même-Moitié.
pirateloli- Ready your tricorns with lace and bows, and join the crew of the Pirate Lolitas!
pretty_elegants- Community catering to Gothic Aristocrats
steampunklolita- For people who wish to dress within the Steam Punk and Lolita aesthetic.
teddyboys- Kodona, oujisama, dandy, nouveau teddy boy, aristocrats, oshare, stylish boystyle, nouveau gothic
deco_den- Any object that is decorated with rhinestones, plastic roses, chains, or lace is allowed
dailyotome- Coordinates, news, questions all about otome
Art and Design
Want to show off your newest drawing? Need some ideas on how to improve your design? Try these art-related communities.
egl_comm_art- a new Lolita art community, featuring monthly contests, critiques, suggested challenges, and general art sharing.
egl_icons- Dedicated to lolita icons
lolitadesigners- This is a positive space for designers, Western and Eastern, to get to know each other, help promote each other and learn the tricks of the trade.
mitsukaz_mihara- For all lovers of the artwork and stories of Mitsukazu Mihara!
Want to look for trades, auctions, and direct sales? You may just find something in one of these communities!
egl_comm_sales- Official egl sales community
egl_group_order- A community dedicated to keeping track of all EGL-related group orders.
lolita_auctions- This is a community to share lolita information or links to Japanese auction sites such as Yahoo! Japan auctions and mBok.
lolita_finds- This is a place to share great lolita finds that aren't from the major Japanese brand names.
For The Domesticated Lolita
Communities under this listing are for crafts, sewing, cooking, and the like.
egl_cooking- This place is intended to share recipe translations and scans, as well as coming up with your own loli food creations!
vie_quaintrelle- Here is a place where we can craft together, share tips on decorating, taste, parties and the little things you do that are so Quaintrelle!
lolitahousewife- Specifically for homemakers who are fans of gothic and lolita fashion.
lolitaletters- This is a little community for Lolitas who are seeking or already have Penpals via the Lolita Penpal Service.
lolita_pen_pals- A community to gather lolitas together for the purpose of finding pen-pals across the country or the world.
sew_loli- A G&L sewing circle.
yarn_lolis- This community is specifically for Lolita-inspired yarn crafts, those who make them, and those who admire them.
Religions, Politics, Lifestyles, ALT, Etc
This is LiveJournal, and there is a community for that, whatever 'that' may be. God, war, love, sexuality, drugs... If it's lolita-flavored and/or perhaps controversial to someone, maybe you'll find the comm for it listed here.
bdsmlolita- A place to talk about alternative sexualities and Japanese lolita fashion.
christian_kei- Wearers of alternative fashion, Followers of Christ.
cf_lolitas- This is a community for lolitas who are childfree.
muslim_jfashion- A place for lovers of Japanese Fashion
pride_lolita- A comm for lolitas who happen to swing the other, both ways, or neither way.
stoner_lolis- Finally, a place for all the druggie lolis to talk about their habits and pretty much whatever else without having to worry about deletion for content!
Not sure what you're looking for? This is a listing of any other communities I couldn't find a listing for.
brolitas- Who says a boy can't be a Princess?
egl_books- Lolita books
loli_bookclub- This is the place to come if you love to read and you love lolita fashion.
lolita_q45- This community is simply asking all lolitas to answer 45 questions!
loli_geeks- All your lace are belong to us.
hogwarts_lolita- Hello wizards and witches! welcome to Hogwarts lolita, this is the comm that mixes lolita and harry potter
loli_weightloss- A community for Lolitas interested in healthy weightloss. Recipes, tips, and support! This community is not "pro-ana" or "pro-mia."
loli_valentines- a community for sharing lolita love be it mutual appreciation, admiration or full on lust.
lolivalentinefr- Loli Valentines for French lolitas !
macrolita- Making The World More Rori, One Macro At A Time
lolita_tales- Where Lolitas can share their own tales, be it happily ever after, or not. All kinds of stories/experiences are welcome, not restricted to fairytales.
veg_lolita- A community for gothic, sweet, punk and all kinds of Lolita to share recipes, product info and tips on vegan eating.
wtf_burando- Discuss the crazy things that come out of lolita brands
Area Specific
Want to find other lolitas to go to tea with? Check our area-specific listing here for a community near you!
Many regional groups now organize on Facebook. You may wish to check this link to see if your area has a group.
za_lolita- South Africa
gosuloli_sg- Singapore
egl_korea- Korea
msianloliclub- Malaysia
nz_lolita- New Zealand
perth_lolita- Perth, Western Australia
oz_lolita- Australia & New Zealand
egl_europe- Europe
egl_france- France
ger_lolita- Germany
london_loli- London
degl- Netherlands
iceland_egl- Iceland
iregl- Ireland
nordic_loli- Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland
loligothuk- United Kingdom
teapartyclub- United Kingdom
sw_lolis_mkii- United Kingdom (South West & surrounding areas)
brightloligoth- United Kingdom (Brighton)
egl_greece- Greece
North America
ab_loli- Alberta
so_lolita- Greater Toronto Area
montreal_loli- Montreal
van_elegance- Vancouver
van_tea_party- Vancouver
egl_winnipeg- Winnipeg
United States
azloli- Arizona
arkansas_egl- Arkansas
atl_lolitas- Atlanta
ca_egl- California
la_loligoth- California (Los Angeles)
sandiego_lolita- California (San Diego)
cencoastlolitas- California (Central/Coastal)
centre_loli- Central N. America (Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota)
chigothloli- Illinois - specifically Chicago
ctonthefrills- Connecticut
co_gothiclolita- Colorado
easternelegance- Eastern United States
floralolita- Florida
florida_egls- Florida
atl_lolitas- Georgia (Atlanta)
savalita- Georgia (Savannah)
hi_loli- Hawaii
heartland_loli- Heartland/Midwest (Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota)
kansaslolitas- Kansas & Missouri
ky_lolita- Kentucky
lolilouisville- Kentucky (Louisville area)
vegas_lolitas- Las Vegas
batonrouge_loli- Louisiana (Baton Rouge & surrounding areas)
nolalolitas- Louisiana (New Orleans)
lolita_me- Maine
md_grandeur- Maryland
greatlakesloli- Michigan
midwest_egl- Midwestern United States (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio)
mn_rufflebutts- Minnesota
mo_egl- Missouri
nh_loli- New Hampshire
nj_loli- New Jersey
newmexicololis- New Mexico
nylolitas- New York
nyclolitas- New York City
li_lolita- New York (Long Island)
rochesterlolita- Rochester NY, upstate NY and it's surrounding regions
wnc_egl- North Carolina (western)
northcarolitas- North Carolina
oh_egl- Ohio
okclolitas- Oklahoma
orlolipops- Oregon
orlolipops- Pennsylvania
philly_lolitas- Philadelphia
pgh_lolita- Pittsburgh (Western PA & Eastern OH)
lolitari- Rhode Island & surrounding states
sacto_gothloli- Sacramento
sweet_tea_party- South-eastern United States
houston_loli- Texas (Houston)
austinlolitas- Texas (Austin)
metroplexlolita- Texas (DFW and Surrounding Areas)
satx_lolitas- Texas (San Antonio)
tn_lolita- Tennessee
knoxville_loli- Tennessee (Knoxville)
rorier_thanthou- Tennessee (Memphis)
tristatedolls- Tristate Area (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut)
u_loli_2- Utah & Salt Lake City area
wa_lolis- Washington State
metro_lolitas- Washington, D.C. Metro Area (Columbia, Maryland, and Virgina)
wc_lolita- West Central (Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming)
madison_lolita- Wisconsin
wi_lolitas- Wisconsin
nova_lolitas- Virginia (Northern)
sova_lolitas- Virginia (Southern)
wv_loli- West Virginia
pr_lolitas- Puerto Rico
South America
arg_lolitas- Argentina
eglabrasil- Brazil
If your community hasn't been added yet, please let us know in the comments!
Name/Link of Community:
Short Description: ex- A community dedicated to blah blah blah
Communities should be related to lolita in some sort, being it cooking, crafts, rps, style specific (ero only, gothic only, sweet only, etc)...
I will try and keep the list updated whenever a new community is promoted in egl

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