random pedestrian (fubuchama) wrote in egl,
random pedestrian

June Classic Photoshoot (2 outfits)! ^^/ (warning: picture heavy under the cut :D)

Hello, EGL!

Last Saturday I was having some free time and I decided to go on a photo shoot with my friend, and i thought I can share it here ^^
So, here's some pic I've taken :D

Outfit Rundown:
-Blouse: Anna House
-Skirt: Handmade by me
-Hat: offbrand
-Corsage: commissioned by cherryknotting
-Lace gloves: offbrand
-Tights: Taobao
-Bag: offbrand
-Parasol: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
-Shoes: An*Tai*Na

Outfit Rundown:
Blouse: Anna House
JSK and Headband: Little Drawer (cherryknotting 's indie brand)
Tights: Offbrand
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

That's all, ladies! Thank you for watching, and sorry for the derpy faces i made :D/

Tags: media: photoshoots
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