haenulishop (haenulishop) wrote in egl,

Choosing new design of haenuli dress

Hello, This is Haenuli again, would you mind can I ask question for help :D?
I'm considering about my new sample design, it will be pleasure if you help me :D

This dress is what I shown in FRILL(: lolita convention in Atalanta) with my new fabric design.
Theme about my new fabric is "Sleeping Beauty" and the style is bit gothic but also classical and pretty for lolita.

Print detail.  (Design copyright by Haenuli)

But  that sample fabric had some problem and get miss print, color was so pale than I thought.
So I decide to print again, and at last I made good fabrics for sample, and want to make new design of onepice for this fabric.

So which onepiece design do you like the most?

Pick up new sample of 'Sleeping beauty' design please, that will be very helpful to me.
I'll make new sample and take photo shot soon :D Hope you girls can enjoy.
Plz help me :D Thankyou

* All the design is are drop waist. I love low waist design, hope you too :D *

Thankyou for reeding , have a nice day :D

Tags: community: market research
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