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An Easy-to-Follow Tutorial for How to make a Flat Long Wig into a Hime-Style Wig

Hello there ^^ I made this tutorial today, and I wanted to share it with you guys in case it's useful to anyone. I call it An Easy-to-Follow Tutorial for How to make a Flat Long Wig into a Hime-Style Wig (If you've never styled Hime-hair before) :3

I recently got my first pastel-blue lolita dress (Angelic Pretty's "Memorial Cake" ♥) and I wanted to do an OTT Sweet coord with a hint of Hime style. I wondered what wig to wear and the obvious choice for a dreamy pastel-look was Rhapsody in Pink by Gothic Lolita Wigs.

But the last time I wore that wig (with "Milky Planet"), I didn't really like it. As you can see in the stock pictures on the website, the wig has no poof on top at all - all of its lovely candy floss character is bunching at the bottom. It suits the faces of the models on the site, but I think it looks silly on me, and as you can see in my picture, I tried to compensate with a HUGE LOAD of accessories. It was... okay, but not ideal.

So today I did what I had planned for a long time - I went and bought a soft hair volumizer from Claire's. This sort of thing.

Here's what I did, and what you can do if you want the same effect. ^^ I bet it's really obvious to people who do a lot of their own wig-styling and hair-styling... but it was new to me and I wanted to document how I did it so I could do it again. If it helps anyone else, so much the better!

Before you begin, get your wig on the wighead and start to figure out where you would need the volumizer to sit for decent hime-poof. Too far back would mean looking like you had a strange sack on the back of your head, too far forward would mean messing up the fringe. Once you've figured that out, continue. ^^

1. Gently lift the hair just above the area where you want to place the volumizer. Detangle the top strands from the bottom strands with your fingers and make a neat horizontal parting, exposing one of the wig's elastic rings near the top, in just about the same width as the volumizer. Clip the hair that will eventually become your hime-bump and bend it forward, out of the way.

2. Using some force, shove the volumizer's comb into the wig-cap's netting with the comb's teeth facing forward. You might break the netting in a few places but that's okay if you're careful. Check you really got it sitting the right place - you can briefly flip the hair back from the front to get an idea of approximately how it will look like styled.

3. Once you're sure it's in the right place, take a needle and a thread close to the wig-colour and sew the volumizer in place. A few short stitches into the wig-cap on the left and right side should do. It doesn't have to be neat or very good sewing because the whole point is that you don't see it afterwards - but maybe don't use black thread for a pink wig. ^__~

4. Now you get to style - flip the hair you collected earlier back to lie neatly over the volumizer and work it into a hime-bump. You'll need to back comb it - the more you do that, the more volume you get. Also use some of the hair on each side of the volumizer. Back-comb that too for a smooth transition. If you tangle an area too much from back-combing, don't brush it - just tease it apart with your fingers. Close any holes and partings by overlayering it with hair and pushing and poking it in place.

5. Once you like the style, use industrial-strength hairspray (here: got2b glued by Schwarzkopf) to fix it. You can use clips and pins to keep stubborn strands in place while you spray and remove them later.

6. You're done! Add accessories and enjoy your new hime-wig ^__^

I hope this was helpful to some people!

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