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Ivy Frozen Productions Book Purse Giveaway

Fairy tale Embroidery Dress04

Hello Everyone!

I'm Ivy Frozen, and I run my own little brand, Ivy Frozen Productions.  I make lolita clothing and accessories, as well as items that fit with a more rockabilly and vintage-inspired look.  Here's a few of my recent creations:

fairy tale 9


Bat Dress12

Marvelous Set07

Bow Peep Dress11

The reason for this post is to let you all know I'm giving away a book purse over on my facebook page.

Book Purse

It has a really nice faux leather exterior.  The inside will be lined with a faux suede-like fabric.  They'll be a little pocket in there too.  I'm just waiting on some chicago screws to arrive to secure those straps better. 

Just find the above image on my facebook page.  Clicking on the photo above should take you to it.  Share it, and you're entered to win.  When the Ivy Frozen Productions facebook page reaches 500 likes, I"ll randomly select a winner. 

My facebook page: http://facebook.com/ivyfrozen

Also, I welcome all feedback, comments, and suggestions.


Post permission granted by wonderfinch =)

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